Create Jingle For Gramedia, and Get Ten Million Reward

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The biggest publisher and book retails in Indonesia, Gramedia held jingle contest with total grand prize ten million rupiahs. The theme for the contest is: “Inspiring and Expression Gramedia”. The contestant has to make jingle song that includes words: Gramedia, Expression and Inspiration in the lyric. Everyone is welcome to join the contest, and the deadline will be June 30, 2015.

The requirements to join the contest are:
1.    The song should be burned in CD in MP3 format
2.    The period is May 1, 2015 until June 30, 2015
3.    Include data such as:
a.    Bio
b.    Phone Number
c.    A copy of Citizen Identity Card
d.    Song lyric and chord
4.    The jingle should be sent to:
Public Relation Dept.
Group of Retail & Publishing
Gedung KompasGramedia Perintis Lt.3
Jalan Kebahagiaan No.4 – 14 Jakarta Barat
Please write at the left corner of the envelope:
5.    The jingle is original and never been published in any media.
6.    The jingle have to:
•    Include words: Gramedia, Expression and Inspiration in the lyric
•    2 minutes duration
•    Melody, arrangement and music in jazz, acapella, ballad, folk music, lounge music, pop, orchestra and bossanova
•    It has warm, fresh and light ambiance
•    The lyric not include pornographic, and offensive words for any groups

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